Chapter 81 Ability Combination

The leading samurai ordered a thin man to go back,Soon after, an elderly man came here surrounded by many entourages,Simani rushed to cry when she saw the old man,Li Huamei explained,“This elder is a relative of Simani……Simani is already explaining to the elderly……It seems that the misunderstanding can be eliminated。”
Shimani explained,The elders come to the people,First of all, thank you Yang Pingfan for saving his niece,Then ask what is needed in return。
Yang Pingfan shook his head,Say we don’t need to return,We want to unite with you,To wipe out the scum that attacked their town together,Li Huamei translated Yang Pingfan’s words,The elder looked at Yang Pingfan suspiciously,Shook his head。
Through communication,Yang Pingfan knows that the group of people in front of him is a tribe that goes deeper inland,They are related to the attacked town by marriage,Usually have a lot of contacts,After the attack,Some people who escaped by chance ran to them,The elder immediately asked the warriors of the tribe to lead people to support,The attackers had already managed to retreat,The reinforcements met Chen Zuyi’s investigation team,Misunderstanding。
With Simani’s communication,The misunderstanding between the two parties is clarified,But for everyone’s suggestion to form an alliance to eliminate the scum,The elder refused,He said the opponent’s weapons are excellent,According to people who escaped by chance, there are still many fire-breathing objects in their hands.,A fire,People in the distance will be knocked down,A big hole will be punched,The strongest samurai can’t stop this kind of thing,He thinks it is difficult for us to solve them。
Simani kept explaining that there is a fleet behind Yang Pingfan.,Many, many people,But the elder just shook his head,Said that those people are monsters who have grown up at sea,Can’t afford,They have decided to move their people,Move to an inland area further away from the sea。
After listening to Li Huamei’s translation,Yang Pingfan and Su Yu looked at each other,I have a thought in my heart,Feelings, A San Nilai, a submissive temper,There were hundreds of years ago。
“Show them,Let them see our strength。”
Yang Pingfan listened to Su Yu’s words,I wanted to throw a grenade to help,But I think that these modern munitions are used less once and cannot be supplemented,Brainstorm,Decided to use another way,Shock these turtles。
Hula,Yang Pingfan spread his wings and flew to the sky,Wave of hand,Several spikes flew out of the hand,Into the trunk by the road。
An explosion,Where the spike hits,There was a small explosion,Trees within a few meters in diameter were blown away by air waves。
The natives were dumbfounded,After a while, all kneel to the ground,Bang bang bang kowtow over horse racing,Although I don’t understand what they’re talking about,But you can probably guess that it’s asking the gods to forgive them for their sins of disrespect.。