For Zhao Dabao“stupid”kind,There is no accident for the young woman,There is nothing unhappy,This kind of experience is not one or two times。

“Mr. Xu,Hello there,Introduce yourself,I’m the general manager of Jinshi Hotel of Wanda Group,My name is Wang Yanan。”
I heard the self-introduction of Miu Ling,Zhao Dabao nodded with empathy in his heart,Ok,The name is good,This is called Ya Nan,This is a real man, alright。
“Mr. Xu,I know your intention very well。Say so,What happened to Mr. Xu,As the general manager of Wanda Group Jinshi Hotel,First apologize to Mr. Xu here。”
Talking,Wang Yanan, general manager of Wanda Group Jinshi Hotel, bowed deeply to Zhao Dabao。
From Zhao Dabao’s perspective,The angle of this bow must be at least ninety degrees。
Zhao Dabao has a problem with this product,You respect me,I will pay you back。
If you blow your beard and stare at me,I must come forward to pull out the buttonholes。
so,Zhao Dabao still has grievances in his heart、A straight man who repays kindness。
The general manager of Wanda Hotel is so polite,So sincere,His original thoughts faded a lot。
“Hey,General Manager Wang,A little thing,A little thing。”
Zhao Dabao is in a good mood,Almost directly stated that he would not be held accountable。
Fortunately, this one responds quickly,He thought,Originally came to compensate,Never because of the other’s good words,A few sincere actions will not be investigated,This is not in line with his character。