A pair of ghost eyes turning,It vaguely saw a black dagger,Black all over,Blunt as inconspicuous as a cobblestone,But brought it extremely fear。

It clearly felt,Once stabbed to the heart by this dagger,I’m afraid I have to confess in the Baima Difu。
The black and white bloated old ghost is still thinking about it,This wicked thing turned out the weapon silently,Do you have to have an opening remark?。
The old ghost is used to Zhao Dabao’s pretense mode——Every high-profile appearance,I’m bound to say something that makes you admire,Let it be full of great sense of honor。
This time I showed this handle and it looked really good,At first glance, it is a weapon of super high-end goods,Then you can’t pretend to be a bull off、Bragging!
Or curiosity killed the cat,Accustomed to killing ghosts,When the black and white bloated old ghost is still thinking about it。
Zhao Dabao’s Nine Turns Internal Strength Circulates Extremely in the Meridians,After reaching the jaw,Powerful divine consciousness came in a flash,It even merged with the internal strength of the nine revolutions。
For legendary weapons——Use of Black Sun,Has been troubled by Zhao Dabao’s heart。
In the original estimate,When the cultivation base breaks through to Mingjin Consummation,That is to say, you can use the dagger to perform a few tricks on the celestial stars.。
And what I’m talking about here is that Zhao Dabao really broke through to Mingjin Consummation,Not something comparable to ordinary Ming Jin perfection。
So Zhao Dabao has been thinking about how to use the acquired mid-level powerful mental power,So as to display the jerk of the celestial stars in advance。
Just a few days ago,Zhao Dabao explored a way to combine mental strength and internal strength of the Nine Revolutions,So you can drive the dagger to do whatever you want。
I saw the Jiuzhuan internal energy at the moment when it reached the jaw,The powerful consciousness of the acquired intermediate level violently penetrated into the 9th rank inner strength,A point-shaped tip。
Because of the driving and cohesive effect of powerful spiritual consciousness,On the tip of this point,Nine revolutions of internal strength are compressed and then compressed,Until its power reaches the fullness of Ming Jin。
“boom”A clear sound,Nine revolutions of inner strength compressed into dots,Like a powerful bullet,Fierce ejection exit,Accurately hit the tip of the black sun。
The dagger Hei Sun rushed down with a strong internal energy that was like a needle,Fiercely flying,In the air the illusion appeared and disappeared,As if the dagger didn’t appear in the air originally,With a weird breath。
Not bad,This is Zhao Dabao’s unique knowledge on the celestial star——Sundog!
It’s just to compress the inner strength with this kind of consciousness