Thought of here,Zhao Dabao put his backpack on the luggage rack a little outrageously,Turned to look out the window。

I saw that Zhao Dabao stopped speaking,The middle-aged woman raised her neck like victory,It’s a fart to my husband:
“Sit down quickly,Sit more when there is no one,If someone gets on the bus at the next stop,We have to let。”
Hear this sentence,Zhao Dabao feels a little more comfortable。not bad,This middle-aged woman is pretty reasonable,The actual owner who knows the seat got in the car,Still know to give up。
The issue is,The actual owner of the two empty seats will not be able to get on the bus at the next stop。
He just called Zhao Xiaoying,Said that Huashi still has something to deal with,Have to wait until tomorrow to get to the provincial city of Jin。
In this situation,Zhao Dabao sat at the terminal alone。
Thinking that middle-aged women can sit until the terminal,Zhao Dabao feels sick again。
From this point of view,Zhao Dabao is still a petty citizen by nature,No big people at all、The broad mind like a hero。
You let Zhao Dabao complain,He can definitely do it。
But if you let him retaliate with virtue like a saint,Look at the development trend and trajectory of this product,I’m afraid I can’t do it in a lifetime。
Repay grievances with virtue,by,Isn’t this looking for abuse??This is what Zhao Dabao really thinks。
One minute later,The train slowly drove out of Suishi Railway Station。
Due to the tourist season,There are quite a lot of passengers on the high-speed rail this time。
For a while,Many people came from the second-class carriage。Although it can’t reach the bustling situation,But there were also a dozen unseat passengers in the aisle。
At this moment,Xiao Gao, the first-class cabin attendant, came over from the second-class cabin,Followed by a trembling white-haired old lady,It seems to be over 80 years old。
These days because it is the peak tourist season,There are three more levels of passengers on the train than before。
For passengers to travel better,The conductor decides,Open the two first-class carriages,So that unseat passengers can stand in the first-class car,Used to relieve congestion in second-class carriages。
The flight attendant Xiao Gao before driving,Check the ticket at the door of the carriage as required。