But unfortunately,I basically don’t have any impression of the knife,I just remember that it looks like Japan***!

Suddenly think of Xu Fu and Penglai Xiandao,My heart beats wildly,Is this island really related to ancient China?
I hate that I don’t read much ancient history,Otherwise I can definitely understand the allusions of Xu Fu and Penglai Xiandao,Thinking of this, my heart sighed,It is estimated that King Glory played too much,So I waste precious time and energy。
Wen Ru was very excited at this moment:“In this way,There must be other cultural relics on the island!If you take these things back,Each of us will become a monopoly!You know that ancient weapons are very valuable now!Just like the sword of the Yue King Goujian,That thing is worth 100 million!With that money,I must be happy and cheerful,Live up to this youth!”
Su Mei’s anger is probably gone,She sneered:“Then have money,Don’t forget your big brother,You can take himpiaoAll over the world!”
Wen Ru dumbfounded:”Sister, I don’t like to listen to you,What is calledpiaowhat?My elder brother Yushu Linfeng and I,We don’t need to be measured by money when we fall in love!“
Ouyang looked at Su Mei in frustration:“Eyebrow,You are beautiful and young,Why not say something that suits your image?My mouth is full of shit and fart all day,Are you sick??I feel sorry for you!”
Su Mei raised his eyebrows,In Hokage, her Danfeng eyes opened wide again:“I think you are sorry too!Your whole family regrets!Your whole family is pissing!”
When I look at the topic, I have to go wrong and fall into a curse,So I hurried to speak and correct:“Don’t talk about these wild words yet,Ouyang,You go on!What’s the matter with the horizontal knife?”
Ouyang looked at Xiaolong awkwardly:“Actually you have to ask Xiaolong about this,They found the knife,Zhang Sha and I have no idea。”
Xiaolong nodded:“Yes,Ouyang is right,The knife was found by Xiaolong near the water point,So he brought it back,Did not expect,Ouyang stole it soon after getting it,And Brother Zhao beat Xiao Zhu so badly,Actually broke three front teeth,At that time, Xiao Zhu said that we didn’t believe it!”
Listen to me defeat Xiao Zhu,Ouyang was also surprised,He sighed:“I thought we were dead that day,At that time I needed to do it,I decided to run away without even thinking about it,But it’s not cost-effective to run like this,I just stole the knife with my teeth!It’s a stupid decision to think about it now,If I knew that Brother Zhao could win,I will never run,I will definitely support Brother Zhao!”
Su Mei sneered:“Old stuff, you should forget it,I’m getting goose bumps all over my body after listening to you!”
Wen Ru looked at Su Mei solemnly:“sister,Don’t slander my brother,Although he is acting a little weird,But Big Brother has always been very upright!
Su Mei sneered:‘correct!Your elder brother is always upright,Especially when facing beautiful women!”Speaking of which,Su Mei burst into laughter again。