Baima Mountain also got its name。

Since the 1980s,Sui City Government also wants to develop Baima Mountain,But the plan was stranded for some reason,Baima Mountain has always retained its original state。
The location of Baima Mountain’s sunny side is quite good,Facing open ground,Surrounded by rivers at the foot of the mountain,From the topography, it is a treasured geomantic place。
It won’t work if you turn to the dark side,Because there is no sunshine all year round,And some weird things,No one wants to go to the dark side of Baima Mountain。
Zhao Dabao looked up,Without hesitation, I locked a position on the mountainside。
If ordinary people watch,That is, a tall tree,Where weeds grow,But in Zhao Dabao’s opinion,This is a land of Sanyin。
Land of Sanyin,nightside、Femininity、Yin Qi,Sanyin Condensation,In the feng shui belongs to the big yin land。
Land of the Great Yin,Evil spirits!
Seeing Dad’s eyes,Hua Hua pulled Zhao Dabao’s wide palm:
“Dad,In that position,I was there when I was conscious,It’s just that when I was born,Was caught by the old ghost,Forcing me to entangle grandma。and also,Dad,This old ghost also snatched a small black flower from me。This old ghost is too nasty,It not only strengthens my little flower,Beat me、scold me,Forcing me to do bad things!”
Little clever ghost Huahua knows how to add oil and vinegar,Just take Zhao Dabao’s bottom@The fire is hooked out。
Mof,A little old ghost,Dare to bully me
son?Mof,“Aunt”Bearable“uncle“Unbearable,Must teach this old guy a good lesson。
Thought of here,Zhao Dabao comfortably patted Huahua’s hand:
“go,Dear son,Dad vent your anger,Don’t punch its shit,Our father is not finished。”
“Correct,Dad,Don’t punch this old ghost’s shit,Our father will not accept soldiers。”
Talking room,Hua Hua floats up,Flying up like a swallow out of its nest。Zhao Dabao then moved slightly,Floating in the sky,Follow behind Huahua。
Ten seconds,Master Zhao Dabao came to the mountainside。