Zhang Ge and his wife are full of doubts,But can’t ask,Didn’t Zhao Dabao tell me?,Let them act with their wink。

Since I said,Just watch it without saying anything,See what kind of monster this neighbor Zhao Dabao is going to do?
“Patient’s family,Who is the patient’s family?”Zhao Xiao’s English tempered slightly,Just from its tone,I can still hear the dissatisfaction。
Middle-aged men and women quickly answered:
“nurse,nurse,We are the patient’s family。”
Zhao Xiaoying doesn’t know how to make it,Not only got a nurse outfit,He also held a ward round record。Flip through the ward round records,A bit unhappy:
“You two are the sons of the patient Shioshan、daughter?”
When Zhao Xiaoying said‘Dung mountain’These three words,Zhao Dabao almost came out with joy。With this kid’s extraordinary eyesight,I have already seen the name on the patient record card on the bedside of the hospital bed.——Gong Gaoshan。
I don’t know if Zhao Xiaoying really didn’t see it,Still didn’t recognize the difference between Shit and Gong,Anyway‘Dung mountain’,The two sons and daughters of the unconscious old man were trapped。
That is, the patient is in a coma,Otherwise just call it here,Can be angry。
The patient’s male family member is a big and thick man,It seems to be doing physical work,I heard the nurse say that Daddy called‘Dung mountain’Time,Hurriedly explained with the smiling face:
“nurse,nurse,My dad is not called Shit Gaoshan,Gong Gaoshan。That character is Gong,Not called dung。”
Qiao’s face is a little red,Zhao Xiaoying said with a small face:
“Explain what,Explain what?Don’t I know this word is Gong?look at you,Look at your family,Write a name without thinking,Why do you write Gong as dung?,Can you blame me for making a mistake??Don’t you blame your family for writing and writing??”