As for just in case,Even if we investigate this matter,,At most, I will pay back an innocence to Toria,The other three didn’t have any losses。

Maybe evenTMBecause of this hype,Become an internet celebrity。
With the influence of star Toria,Hype situation is really easy to happen。
So when the little girls were so angrily trying to testify,The trio is not afraid of blackmailing,Oh,wrong,Not afraid,But didn’t take it seriously。
You little girls, the more twitter, the better,It will attract more people to watch、Watch the excitement。
More people,Hehe,The easier it is。
More people,Someone who knows the truth,But there are people who don’t know the truth,Especially people who don’t know the truth,Will become the majority unknowingly。
Hehe,The forest is big,There are many onlookers,What kind of people will appear。
It’s not too big to watch the excitement,There is a stalk,There are also enemies of the rich。
Especially the big star Toria,Achieved such great results at a young age,And also earned so much money。
According to reliable reports,Big star Toria starred in a TV series,The salary for each episode starts at 500,000。
500,000 in one episode,How much does it cost for episode 40 or 50?
In this situation,Of course there are people who hate the rich,There are also onlookers who see Tolia displeased。
Thought of here,The blackmailed Pengci trio is very proud——Hehe,At that time,The big star Dong Liya hasn’t paid for us obediently?
One hundred thousand,That is impossible,At least give us a million,otherwise,It’s not over。
so,The more people around,The happier the trio of blackmail、Happier。
And at this time, the cousin who is Toria’s manager is also numb in summer.,What should I do?