“Thanks uncle、sister。”

Say this out,Zhao Dabao is a bit silly,How do you call a big star sister?,Call me uncle?I’m so young?
Zhao Dabao is a little silly,The big beauty Toria is a little happy,This little girl is so interesting,Not only long and cute,Cute。
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Five little girl
Listening to the old lady calling Zhao Dabao’s nephew,Big star Toria’s eyes are shining,A smile appeared in the eyes。
Zhao Dabao saw her smile,That’s silent——Uncle Zhao,how is everything?
Seeing Donglia speechless、Charming smile,Zhao Dabao glared at the big beauty,In the eyes‘fierce’Flash of light——Is it so funny?
I just haven’t waited for Zhao Dabao to send‘fierce’,The old lady went on chatting again:
“I said my nephew,I have to say something to you,Don’t you love to listen。Although the old saying goes、Rich daughter,But it can’t be too good for my daughter,You can bring the child to everything。You look,For your girl。You look at what you wear,I have to be kind to myself。”
Toria as a big star,Never expected,The power of this old lady’s nagging is too great,For a while,I’ve become Zhao Dabao’s daughter,What’s this?
This old lady’s eyes may be really wrong,Where I became Zhao Dabao’s daughter?I don’t look like this one?
Thinking in mind,Toria’s eyes drifted towards Zhao Dabao,I looked up and down carefully、Pondering,How does one look like this??
Feel the eyes and thoughts of the beautiful Toria,At this time, Zhao Dabao turned from sad to happy,Haha,I became the father of a big star,Haha,This time it depends on how you laugh at me?
It’s really Feng Shui turns,Come to my house this year!The problem is that the feng shui turns too fast,Less than ten seconds,Hehe,Donglia will become my daughter。
Seeing Zhao Dabao’s continuous smile,Toria’s delicate little leather boots moved,Zhao Dabao’s smile immediately turned into a grin,I go,The boss is really strong。