today,He is ready to start attacking the two previous threats。

Near noon,It was the time when the prisoner moved the woven straw hat to the warehouse。
I saw the tall killer carrying a straw hat,Zhao Dabao winked at Er Lengzi,I followed it first。Er Lengzi and San Paozi also followed。
When Zhao Dabao walked into the warehouse,Er Lengzi and San Paozi immediately stood on both sides of the door,Body tilted slightly,Cover the warehouse door tightly,So as to block the gaze angle of the shed looking towards the warehouse。
In prison,Fighting is commonplace,As long as it is not a mass disturbance,The prison guards almost ignore,They don’t want these prisoners to fight every day,As long as infighting means that there are contradictions between the prisoners。
Prison guards are not afraid of infighting prisoners,I’m afraid of the prisoners,Hug,100% out of the moth——Not jailbreak、What kind of activity。
The prison guard in the distance took a look at the movements of Er Lengzi,I knew right away that someone would fight in the warehouse,As long as you don’t kill people on the spot,They won’t interfere。
When the two stupefied two stood in front of the warehouse,The short man knew immediately that the situation was not good,Throw down the half-finished straw hat,Ran straight to the warehouse door。
But before he ran to the warehouse door,He was pushed by several inmates who were close to Er Lengzi and stopped him tightly.。
In prison,Gangs are the best way to survive,Especially guys like Zhao Dabao are at the top of the food chain in the cell。
The most important reason is the criminal law he sentenced——Death sentence suspended for two years,Even if you don’t make a mistake,At least it must be indefinite or twenty years。
I’m afraid there is no hope of getting out of prison in this life,So what else would a prisoner like Zhao Dabao fear??
In prison,Prisoners like Zhao Dabao who are hopeless to get out of prison,Fighting is one of the joys of life,At the same time, they are often fierce。
Not like some shorter sentences,Thinking of commutation and release,So during the normal period of serving the sentence。
The previous Zhao Dabao was due to his personality,Has been weaker,Otherwise, there won’t be so many accidents。
After coming out of the punishment room,Zhao Dabao reversed his previous cowardly performance,Become extremely fierce。
But it didn’t surprise Er Lengzi and others,They thought that Zhao Dabao was threatened with death in the punishment room,Want to open、Figured it out,To have such an earth-shaking change。
Zhao Dabao discussed with Er Lengzi last night,To pack up two tall and short in the warehouse,So that I can serve my sentence comfortably in the future。