“Dabao,Don’t think too much,This is what I want from being a friend。”

Looking at the bank card handed over by the star,Zhao Dabao is completely confused。
He didn’t expect to be just a joke and casual compilation,It’s in its current state,How can this end??
I just said casually,Moved the star Toria into this look,Did I write、Potential to be an editor?
How about Zhao Dabao’s brain circuit is different?,AllTMWhen is it,He also thought of being an editor。
The current situation is——The tragic childhood of the star Toria has been compiled by him,Don’t want to be touched,AllTMHanded him his bank card,He was still thinking about being an editor、write。
You talk,Zhao Dabao is still not a human?
How about it,Zhao Dabao is completely hopeless。
Okay,Zhao Dabao’s reaction is normal,I haven’t forgotten to say or explain when I am thinking about it:
“boss,I just said casually,Don’t take it seriously。Moreover,I have also made a lot of money over the years,All mailed to family,The family is not short of money。”
There is a famous saying in the secular world that is really good,You want others to believe a lie,You have to use ten lies。
Speaking of this,Zhao Dabao is still hypnotizing himself——
I’m not making up,I have also made a lot of money over the years,I also gave some to my family,The family really doesn’t lack money。
Zhao Dabao’s family is Zhao Min’s mother, daughter and son Huahua,Thinking of these family members,Zhao Dabao was also a little bit dumbfounded——My family is not short of money now,But too rich。
Nothing else,In the magic weapon that only the little baby Huahua carries,Gold and silver jewelryTMOn the car。no way,Most of the gold and silver jewels robbed from Baima Dongfu are contained in Huahua’s magic weapon。
With the collection of the old ghost of the white horse for a hundred years,How much gold and silver jewels have to be collected!
Don’t forget,The old ghost of the white horse is the master of Ming Jin,And it’s the ghost master Ming Jin,The beads it collects can be cheaper?Can be less?
you can say so,If the little treasure puts the jewels in the magic treasure on auction,Its wealth is properly arrangedTTop ten provinces。
At this time, Zhao Dabao’s family is generally rich,ButTMIs too rich。
Listen to Zhao Dabao’s explanation,Said the family is not short of money,Already given to family。Big star Toria is even more touched——