After a brief surprise,It’s a piercing pain,Li Lan’s beautiful shadow before crossing,It’s his lingering despair and anger。

The bell rings after class,Yang Pingfan left the school behind,Sneak out,Jump into a nearby black internet cafe,Just arrived at the webmaster,Haven’t spoken yet,A strong hand pulled him into the nearby toilet。
Yang Pingfan was about to call out,See the one who grabs himself,He swallowed the words abruptly。
Because the person who pulled him is not someone else,It’s Li Lan’s father,The old man who stuffed him into the cabin。
The old man looks better than10Years later,He stared at Yang Pingfan and asked if you still remember me。
Yang Pingfan said I certainly remember,Grabbed the collar of the old man with the backhand,Hit it with a punch,But was patted away lightly by the old man
“Kid what are you doing?”
“What’s the matter?Li Lan……You are his father!”
The old man took a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket,Hand it to Yang Pingfan,Yang Pingfan took one and lit,2010He was a good boy,No alcohol and tobacco,I got choked and coughed as soon as I took a sip。
“This is complicated to explain,I can only say,The cabin we two entered,It’s a transit cabin。we,Traverse back。”
“Why abandon Li Lan?”
Yang Pingfan’s face is distorted,Seems to choose people and eat,If the old man doesn’t give him an explanation, he will fight him on the spot.。
Li Suifeng didn’t answer him,“What is the specific principle of crossing,I will explain to you slowly when I have time。I want to ask you now,This is indeed a crossing,What are you going to do?”
“Li Lan is gone,What else can i do”Yang Pingfan spit,Sadness in my voice。
The old man gave Yang Pingfan a deep look,Xin said that the young man really is a man of love and justice,So said:“Li Lan ten years later,Of course it’s dead。”
“but,”Seeing that Yang Pingfan is about to run away,The old man continued:“Li Lan is still alive and well,I was in junior high school in the Imperial Capital。”
Yang Pingfan breathed a sigh of relief,Ecstasy,The lover who is reluctant to give up is still there,His dead heart came back to life。
“So what are you going to do?”
“Since it really came back,I take the future10Years of memory,I have to make up for the regrets I once felt that I could no longer recover。”