Just such a small bite,Maybe less than ten grams,The damage caused is unparalleled。

“Bang”A silent explosion,It exploded in summer’s mouth。
Chapter 475 Nice meal
The spicy taste disappeared in an instant,Replaced by an unspoken comfort。
This comfort follows the flow of beer,Passed to the stomach。
When the fluid reaches the stomach,A kind of coolness flows in the summer body like silk threads。
Every part of the body where the cool silk thread flows,Summer feels an indescribable improvement。
It’s like a person’s physical reaction after two weeks of exercise。
When this coolness spread all over the body,Even the big star Toria can see it,Cousin’s condition seems to have improved a lot。
As the agent of a big star,Things to worry about are complicated and messy。
It can be said,As Toria’s agent,The body condition in summer has been in a sub-healthy state。
But throughBTGrilled wings with this glass of beer,His sub-health state has recovered a lot。
This summer,A radiant look at the cousin who is also moisturized,In each other’s eyes,Have read the reason for this。
Watching summer in very good condition with Toria,Zhao Dabao smiled and persuaded him to drink。
Big stars and agents as beneficiaries,While drinking a toast, I also thanked Zhao Dabao tactfully,Everything is without saying。
A delicious barbecue,Ended in the harmonious atmosphere of the three。
the next day,After breakfast,After checkout by the agent in summer,Departure for three persons。
Daguan City is not too far from Yichun City,It takes less than two hours on the high speed。