“Brother never lied,Cash it out when you get the admission letter。”Think about it and add:“Don’t tell your mother about this,The secret between our brother and sister。”

Xu Wen is very excited,Jumped up and kissed my cousin,He made a big blush with his cousin who just tasted like being a brother。
Out of the house,Brisk footsteps,Suddenly an idea came up,Maybe not in a hurry to buy a house!
Weather in mid-November,I can feel the cold of winter when I get up in the morning,Open the curtains,A layer of mist on the windows,You can feel the cold morning breeze when you open the window,Refreshed。
Wu Changan wakes up early,The injury has basically healed,My wife also returned to Ganping Town,Open the window and take a deep breath,The whole person is refreshed。
I have the habit of morning exercises when I was young,In the past few years,Exercise is just walking around,Stretch your arms and probe your legs or something,Then I got better,Can do some more intense exercise。Getting older and older,But my body is much better than in previous years。But after moving to Lin’an Community,He has to wait for Gan Yifan to go out before he can exercise in the community。
Get up early today,He drank a glass of warm water and stood by the window,When Gan Yifan went out, he was still complaining,This kid won’t give a call to tell me he is safe,Then I saw Gan Yifan’s vigorous look,With a smile on his face,Looks good。
He thought,Could it be that Gan Yifan has awakened?
Volume Two:Admission First63chapter:Restless campus
Wu Changan took out the phone and wanted to call Ning Beizhi,But it’s too early,Inappropriate,Wander around the community,Move muscles and bones,Come back after breakfast,Look at the time,Call Ning Bei Zhi。