Watching my legs tremble、Shafu’s butler,Zhao Dabao felt vaguely in his heart——My identity seems to be exposed。

Damn,I wanted to pretend to be low-key for a while,This is just great,Be recognized,How to continue to install?
Forget it,Don’t pretend to be low-key,I still modify the high profile、Modified big shot。
Thought of here,Zhao Dabao stiffened his waist hard,Take one’s neck、My breasts are straight。
Because Zhao Dabao is not tall,Just one meter seven and five。In order to speak nicely,I call it 1.71 meters to the outside world。
Just one meter tall,Among the onlookers in Shafu,Still small。
In order to reflect the appearance of a big man,Zhao Dabao lifted his body vigorously,For the high point。
It’s just not tall, it’s not tall,Even if you lift it up hard,That’s the case。
Zhao Dabao held his head high,Mouth slightly curled,Like a big rooster about to crowed:
“Hey,I said,what,I said,that whoever,First tell me who you are?What is it in Shafu?Oh,I’ve mispoken,Where is it?”
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Five Guessed it
Watching Zhao Dabao pretend to be a big man like an official,The butler’s heart became more sure of his guess。
That’s right,Is this wicked master。When not pretending to be a big shot,And a bit of a big man。Once the big shot is installed,The whole citizen、Look like a poor dick。
After becoming more certain,The butler quickly answered respectfully:
“Oh,This gentleman,I’m Gu Dawei, the chief steward of Shafu。”
Looking at the respectful and careful butler,Originally aggrieved、The boss of the sulking Hengshan three ghosts is a little confused。
Zhao Dabao ignored him just now、When he is not the three ghosts of Hengshan,Dagui Baonian’s heart is full of anger。