Don’t talk about other people’s ideas,Zhao Dabao quit this stuff for now。

Now that I came to the Daxing Street patrol station,You have to pretend to be forced,Why are you here??
And the five groups of patrols in this vehicle,Except Xiao Li ,The rest is the background wall that you pretend,How can I enter the office building from the back door??Isn’t that a waste of pretending to be the background wall??
Now that I thought of the possibility of this waste,Then can’t let this happen。
and so,Zhao Dabao is ready to do something。
With Zhao Dabao’s powerful spiritual knowledge,Getting a flat tire is not easy。
The beginning of the event,Zhao Dabao just wants to blow out the minivan,So as to prevent the background wall from entering the office building silently。
But after the first puncture sound,Zhao Dabao’s Husky is sick again。
The sound of a flat tire,what,Is the sound quality good?,It’s completely comparable to a subwoofer,That’s why I burst the remaining three tires of the minivan one after another.。
Wait for the four tires of the minivan to burst,This cargo sees there are several vehicles of different models in the yard,This kid is very playful,Whether it’s a patrol vehicle or not,He has a flat tire。
That’s why the dense continuous“Gunfire”,This time“Violent”The occurrence of the attack。
I heard the explanation from the group leader Qian Kaiyan,Deputy Director Gu Xicai really doesn’t believe it。