This cargo is in a hurry,I told my true thoughts in one breath。

At this time, Zhao Dabao raised his face,Raised eyebrows,Like a brave man‘hero’,。
only,This hero is quoted。
Oh,wrong,Don’t add money to Zhao Dabao and say that bravery is righteous。
Zhao Dabao at this time,Definitely a dead pig who is not afraid of boiling water。
It means a bunch of pieces are here,Want money,Don’t give up,Boss, take it here!
Looking at Zhao Dabao’s painting, I would rather agree to everything,Just can’t pay the bill,Big beauty is funny,I can’t help but like for myself:
I really know this guy too well,If you want Dabao to do something,,Just take out the killer trick of spending money,ImmediatelyOK。
Of course,In Toria’s heart,I also know that Zhao Dabao is just a performance to make myself happy。
If he really loves money like life,Can you give yourself and your parents such an expensive gift??
“Dabao,It’s not a difficult task。This afternoon,My mother told me,Said at grandpa’s birthday party tomorrow,Want to introduce me to a marriage。you know too,I don’t want to get married so early、engagement。so···”
“so···”Zhao Dabao immediately expressed that he took a sentence clearly:
“so,boss,You’re thinking···”
Seeing the big beauty nodded without hesitation,This guy immediately shows his determination、Express:
“boss,I get what you meant now,You want to escape marriage。You speak,Let’s set off immediately,Or run tomorrow morning。boss,You speak,I execute immediately。or,I will start the car now。boss,Don’t look at me drinking so much wine,Nothing at all,Still driving,Must ensure the boss’s driving safety,Nothing wrong。”
Listening to Zhao Dabao’s interrupted understanding,Plus determination,The big beauty Donglia was stunned.,I didn’t say that I am running away、Run off,Why is Dabao’s reaction so special??
For the outrageous thinking that Zhao Dabao often makes、action,Big stars are basically immune。
Not immune,This guy often makes such strange things、Ideas come。