Originally this product was prepared to pretend to be angry,It’s just that it’s pretty fun to play in the Daxing Street patrol,Can’t pretend。

“What hello,not good at all!”
It’s not good at all for Zhao Dabao,The lobby manager is startled,This customer is so angry。
Think about it too,Who was taken away by the patrol,Who is in a good mood?
Thought of here,The lobby manager Li Huawang smiled more enthusiastically,He wants to exchange his smile for Zhao Dabao’s comfort。
Mr,You are back to the room now?”
“Back to the room?Why did i go back to the room?Did I come to Wanda Hotel,Except go back to the room,Can’t do anything else?”
For Zhao Dabao’s stubborn words,Lobby manager,I just say hello to you,Don’t need to fuck me so?
But no way,As a hotel lobby manager in the service industry,Must be able to tolerate complaints from guests、Big heart that tells strange things。
otherwise,How do you become a lobby manager in a service industry。
“Mr. Xu,That is not what i mean,I just want to greet you。”
“You didn’t mean that?What do you mean?Say again,Greet you when you say hello,Why don’t you greet your family?”
Hear here,The lobby manager can’t hold on,Why is this Mr. Xu doing this??Why can’t you hear me??
I come forward to greet,Show that our Wanda Hotel attaches great importance to you,Why don’t you appreciate?
As a chain of five-star luxury hotels,The social status in Daxia is also quite high。