Want to sleep but can’t sleep right away,Don’t want to sleep,The feeling of sleepiness is very strong、Uncomfortable。

To avoid this embarrassment、Uncomfortable situation occurs,Most passengers like the window position。
Because it is a first-class seat,When entering the station, I took the soft-seat waiting room,Get on the bus a few minutes earlier than the ordinary waiting room。
When Zhao Dabao sits down,The passengers in the first-class compartment are basically full,Only the two more places Zhao Dabao bought are still vacant。
At this moment,A couple in their forties somehow walked over from the adjacent second-class carriage,It seems that I didn’t buy a seat number。
For high-speed rail,Basically seated by number,Rarely sell station tickets。
But this season is the tourist season,More people traveling and playing,As a result, the high-speed rail also sells some station tickets,Seatless ticket。
And these passengers who bought seatless tickets,After getting in the car,I am used to wandering around in various carriages,To find empty seats。
Under normal circumstances,The connection between the first class car and the second class car insurance is blocked。
Only open when the train crew or the wagons pass by,And then close。
I don’t know why today,The connection between the first class and the second class is not closed,Let passengers pass。
The middle-aged couple saw that there was still room in the first-class carriage,The joy in my heart is beyond words。
I saw this middle-aged woman’s thick lips, grinning close to the ears,Happily urged:
“Faster、Pharaoh,There are two more locations here。”
When the middle-aged woman walked quickly to the position next to Zhao Dabao,Middle-aged women are very experienced first throw the backpackdBit,The purpose is to occupy this position first。