“What are you three doing?Temporary inspection,Take out all the ID cards,We want to see。”

Qian opened his eyes and said and winked at Lingling,Means to cooperate。
At this moment, the second daughter of the excited middle school also reacted,What is my mission?How to do it、Just do itTMIs off the track?Still playing cards?
The problem is to play cards,Actually returnedTMThe loser。Not only did Zhao Dabao’s two thousand advances lose,I even lost a few hundred dollars in my pocket.。
Now in the second girl’s Xiaokun bag,I really don’t have any money,Cleaner than the face。
Screaming and beating the wall just now,Mainly because there are four bombs in a card,If this hand wins,Lingling clanging really turned over and sang a serf。
but,On the last few cards,Zhao Dabao actually threw another bomb。
The last bomb,Not only blows up Lingling’s hopes,I even owed Zhao Dabao two thousand more。
In other words,Originally, I made money by 508,The price is negotiated,I also received the money,Too。
canTMWas fooled by this bastard,I played the cards in a daze。This is just great,Not only didn’t make money,Instead, each lost more than 800。
If you add more than 2,000 to the last one,Inside and outside,This time out@station,Lingling、Dangdang lost more than 10,000 yuan per person。
As out@Lingling,More than 10,000 yuan is equal to one month’s income。
In this case,Lingling、Scream with excitement、Beat the wall,So that money is eye-opening、Wu Weiguang and others mistakenly believe that the attack signal。