It’s about 5:30 in the evening,It’s the time when the hotel occupancy rate is relatively high。

Some guests staying in the hotel are checking in at the lobby front desk in twos and threes。
Since there is a check-in procedure,Of course there will be those customers who don’t need to handle it themselves。
Everyone may have this habit,When someone goes through the formalities for themselves,I will hang out in the hotel lobby aimlessly。
And watching the excitement is one of the main characteristics of Daxia people,It’s okay to wander around,one look,Yoha,There is a smell of ignition medicine on this side,Then come and take a look。
Not much time,More than a dozen boring spectators have gathered around,Look at this posture,This is to watch the excitement。
at this time,These lively melon customers are hearing Zhao Dabao say——Why can the door be kicked open
Chapter Three Eighty One The door is kicked open
Customers who eat melon are bright——Yoha,The door was kicked open?
Start Lenovo now——Whose door was kicked open?Why kick away?What happened after kicking?What did Wanda as the hotel owner do??
A series of question marks,Like little birds flying around in the minds of customers eating melons,If you don’t figure it out,,How can it be counted as a qualified viewer?
Watching the crowd eating melons around,I heard Zhao Dabao question again——How could the door be kicked open?
The lobby manager Li Huawang’s heart is tight——broken,This guy directly questioned here。
Especially surrounded by a bunch of customers eating melons,If this is not explained,,100% will affect the image of Wanda Hotel in the hearts of many customers。
These melon customers Spread this kind of thing,Let’s not say whether it will affect the performance of Wanda Hotel,At least the image of Wanda Hotel will inevitably be vilified、reduce。
Thought of here,The lobby manager’s heart has already begun to complain,It’s not Zhao Dabao that he complained about,It’s the melon customers——