Zhao Dabao,Stinky gradually input the inner strength into the golden light,What a good time to act now!

With the continuous input of internal strength,A little golden light flashed from the golden ball of light on Zhao Dabao’s fingertips、Outstanding splendor,Like a dazzling eye、The planet Ranran rises。
It’s like a rising sun in the east,The golden light flashes like a golden Buddha。
Like a bright moon rising from the west,A little bit of silver light is like a bodhisattva’s real body swaying in all directions。
Golden light、Silver,Add a lot of colorful light,Formed a very gorgeous pattern,Constantly zooming in the eyes of everyone、Fly。
If you don’t know it’s fighting,Everyone in the courtyard would think that Zhao Dabao would invite Buddha to come to the world。
Zhao Dabao makes more movement,The horror in the hearts of everyone is getting worse。
As a white-haired dragon girl closer,Watching this golden ball of light gradually evolve into a bright moon that exudes grandeur、Rising sun。She knew in horror,The more movement this young master made,The greater its power。
The moon rises、Rising Sun Haoguang,Under Zhao Dabao’s smelly intentions,The golden ball gets bigger and bigger,Like a continuously inflated balloon,Has become the size of a basketball in a few seconds。
Round golden basketball,Golden light on the surface、Silver Radiance Competition,Inner mana、Fusion of internal strength,Exudes a beautiful and unusually powerful soul-absorbing effect,The giant eye like a dragon is here。
Look at this golden sphere exuding infinite power,Hong Mian Guan Dao’s face became more solemn and solid。
he knows,A golden ball of light that can be full of such potency,Once it breaks,Its power is no less than a large-scale grenade。
The question now is,When this golden ball of light like a grenade explodes with his body as the center point,How should he avoid?
The Red Face Guan Dao didn’t even think of Zhao Dabao, who was originally a powerful warrior.,Turned out to be a master of magic。
And the magic attack,alsoTMFull coverage、Undifferentiated three-dimensional attack mode。
Once dodging,Which direction should I hide?
If this golden ball of light is a large grenade, it is easier to handle,It’s a lot of shameless lie on the ground,It is possible to avoid the shock wave of the explosion。
But the problem is,This is not a grenade,ButTMA spell of attacking the sphere,Who knows that its attack range includes excluding the ground。