Look at the green gossip card shape magic weapon in front of you,Zhao Dabao groaned slightly:

“Now that the gossip takes shape,Just take the eight characters in the gossip,Represents the attributes of magic weapons,And means that this magic weapon will be powerful in all directions!”
Little ghost Huahua standing in the narration,When I heard that Dad took out the first word of the name for the magic weapon,I feel my dad’s unique level。
You look,The eight characters represent the gossip attribute of the magic weapon,It also contains this magic weapon will be powerful,From this word,Existing representative,And expectation,Dad is so good。
I saw Huahua’s big eyes for a while to look at the magic weapon,See dad later,Eyes full of joy and worship。
Blink big eyes,Huahua is especially looking forward to Zhao Dabao’s next words,Because it also knows,Magic weapon,At least two words。
As for why the name of the magic weapon must be two characters,No why,This is the habit in the cultivation world。
Feel the admiration of his son Huahua,Zhao Dabao is more exciting,Shook his head and said:
“Horoscope,Elder brother,This magic weapon is named Mynah。”
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Two Magic Myna
what?Horoscope,Elder brother,This magic weapon is called Mynah?
Zhao Dabao’s voice fell off,Little ghost Huahua’s little head is like the computer’s memory is not enough,Directly crashed。
I saw Huahua looking at his father Zhao Dabao with a dazed expression,Cry like a collapse in my heart: