Listen to Chen Yuhuan’s explanation,Zhao Dabao only knew,Big leader is such a thing,This is for him。

This product is a bit strange at first,At yesterday’s banquet,This Chen Yuhuan doesn’t catch a cold to him,Why would you praise him today??
I,After a long time,Are mocking him。
Listen to the irony,Can you bear with Zhao Dabao’s super husky character??
I’m thinking about finding something、Cause trouble,This is fine,Someone jumped out first,See how i clean up you。
Thought of here,Zhao Dabao wanted to do something。but,Was stopped by the beautiful Toria。
Big stars think very simple,At today’s birthday banquet,Be sure to celebrate grandpa’s birthday happily,How bad is it to make unpleasant things。
Out of deep understanding of Zhao Dabao,Toria knows——Once this guy makes trouble,It’s not a small thing,Still suppress it as soon as possible。
but,Press down,Your cousin can’t say that about my big treasure either。
Dabao is indifferent,I’m a little sorry for the audience,But that’s also my big treasure,I take care of my own family affairs,No need for outsiders to comment。
“Sister Yuhuan,Who’s the master, who is in charge,No need for outsiders to point fingers。”
The words of the big beauty are heavy enough,It’s a bit torn。
This person is also strange,Toria’s original intention was to suppress Zhao Dabao from making trouble。Only when she speaks for Zhao Dabao、In the early days,But it’s not the same thing,It’s so savage。
The big star speaks very directly、Very simple,I went back to Chen Yuhuan’s next sentence at once。
The door was closed directly,Stop talking about my big treasure,Otherwise the sisters won’t have to do it。
only,As a highly educated first-line Ming