I heard Guan Zhongshu finished dissatisfied,Luo Qing took a breath first,Since I am not dissatisfied with the organizing committee,There is no big problem。

When I heard that it was due to poor management of Baiyun Building,Leading outsiders into the exchange meeting,Luo Jing is also very angry。
This situation has also appeared in previous medicinal material exchange meetings.,She also negotiated with Baiyun Building,The effect has not been obvious。
When this type of problem occurred the first few times,At the exchange meeting,That is to say, some representatives slightly mentioned two sentences。But for the exchange meeting,Did not have any bad effects。
This time it’s different,Power medicinal materials company as one of the main sponsors,But I actually paid 50,000 yuan,One half of it is in her pocket。
If you can’t handle it well,Provoked dissatisfaction with the strength medicinal material company,I want it to sponsor the next meeting,But it’s harder。
Luo Qing first appeased a few words from Guan Zhongshu, the sales manager of the strength medicinal material company,Then I found the catering manager of Baiyun Building。
Facing Manager Tang in the Food and Beverage Department of Baiyun Building,Luo Qing is a serious and powerful Tao:
“Manager Tang,Look at the cocktail party you organized,Let an outsider come in。You said,How do you manage?you need to know,All the people attending the receptionTThe boss of a large provincial medicinal material company、High-level,If it makes them unsatisfied,I don’t think the next reception will be held in Baiyun Building,Our conference organizing committee changed 100% of the hotel to organize the conference。”
Facing strong questions,Tang Dingyi, the catering manager of Baiyun Building, was also a little panicked.。
Tang Dingyi has just been promoted from the deputy manager of the room department to the manager of the catering department,I am still a little confused about the management of the catering department。
If he had lost his major clients when he took office,His position may have to be changed again,And it will get smaller and smaller。
For the province-wide medicinal materials exchange meeting,The high-rise of Baiyun Building attaches great importance,Also held a high-level meeting,To study how to host this reception。