Chu Hong rolled her eyes at her:“I think you should forget it,According to what Zhao Pu said,You are now my old aunt!Now you are in a good mood after eating tender grass,Just be happy,You don’t mix my business!”

Huidai flushed with the stimulation,I had to bow my head and walk out of the room,Close the door gently。
I didn’t stop her,No one can stand this cynicism。
Chu Hong still looked at me contemptuously:“I can trust you,But you have to show evidence!And you have to let me go,What’s the matter with you binding me like this?Are you trying to treat me as a prisoner?”
“Row!I’ll give it to you if you want evidence!But you have to stay here for a while,Wait for my duel,I must prove that the Guo Jinhai family did these bad things on the island!”
Having said that, I will add one more sentence:“If i show evidence,You have to tell me clearly,Why are you entangled with Guo Jinhai?!What handle do you have in his hands?”
A trace of hesitation flashed in Chu Hong’s eyes,But soon her expression became firm,She nodded firmly:“Row!That `s a deal!As long as you show evidence,I’ll tell my story!”
I untie the rope for Chu Hong,She rubs her wrist,Suddenly loudly:“Are you still there, the old aunt??Get me something to eat quickly,I’m hungry for a long time with you。”
Actually, I’m not sure to get the evidence,But then I suddenly thought of the phone!
Although there is no signal in this place,But now mobile phones can take photos and videos,I just need to trick Guo Jinhai out,Just record his words clearly,In this way, he can grasp his plot to go to the island。
But the trouble is that my phone has long been lost,Even if you find it, it’s useless,After all, spent so long on the island,The phone’s power must have been completely consumed,So I have to get a new phone,But where is the trouble??Suddenly I thought of another key person,This guy is old tortoise!
Thought of here,I walked out of the hut living room,Came to the balcony and blew the silver whistle,The strange thing is,Before I blew the whistle, it won’t take long for the old tortoise to appear,I waited for him for half an hour this time,That guy slowly rose up from below,His eyes are a little erratic,I feel this guy is a bit abnormal。
But this guy is so weird,I’m used to it,So I asked him to find a mobile phone,Old Turtle looked stunned:“Demigod,Why are you looking for that stuff??”
Chapter Two Hundred and Twelve Eve of the duel
Of course you can’t tell him about it,So I pretended to be impatient and authentic:“I want you to find it,Do not talk nonsense!”
The old turtle nodded respectfully:“Row!I’ll let the search team brothers pay attention later,See if there are any newcomers on the island during this time,I’ll send you the phone if there is one。”
I rub!Is it true that new people appear on this island in stages?!
Suddenly thought of the map coordinates,If as said before,Since the gods need someone to complete the offering,That definitely needs to keep sending more new blood to the island,If the island moves periodically,The disaster that caused must be related to ships and airplanes,These disasters will definitely affect many innocent people,But what about those selections??Didn’t they go through the disaster when they entered the island?
Old tortoise talked to me again,He told me to rest early,Duel tomorrow,Need to replenish physical strength,I asked him to get a mobile phone in the past few days,After all, Guo Jinhai will complete the transformation in seven days,I have to get the voice evidence early。