Haven’t waited for the old white horse to think,A childish voice:“burn!”

With the sound of Huahua“burn”,The seven-story stupa spews seven-colored flames inside,Red orange yellow green blue blue purple,Every kind of flame produces dense like rain、Winding flames,Calcined around the body of the old ghost of the white horse。
Under the planning of Huahua,Three ghosts with great inner strength,Actually trapped a Mingjin Intermediate Master ghost in one fell swoop,This is not unbelievable。
Huahua’s Treasure,Li Si’s little moves,The purpose is to divert the attention of the old white horse ghost,Create a sneak attack opportunity for Zhang San。
After Zhang San attacked,Li Si’s offensive attack,Makes the old ghost of the white horse less wary of Li Si。
under these circumstances,With Zhang San’s cooperation,Li Si’s impact only worked。
The purpose of the impact——I want the old ghost body to generate inertial force to rush forward,So as to shorten the distance between it and Huahua。
Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Four Three ghosts(three)
At the moment Li Si hit,The old ghost of the white horse completely shifted his attention to Li Si again。
And at this time Huahua,When Li Si succeeded in hitting,,The solid powder in the box has been spilled。
Sprinkle in advance,Just shrouded in the old white horse ghost who was hit forward,It can be said that the timing is appropriate。
Just like Huahua sprinkles solid powder in advance,When the solid powder is completely covered in the area in front of the flower body,The old ghost of the white horse happened to bump in。
And all the plans before that、In action,The ultimate attack is the magic weapon on Huahua’s neck。
Myna is a magic weapon,But if you want to cover the old ghost of the white horse,That is extremely difficult。
Don’t say Huahua is a ghost with great inner strength,Zhao Dabao drove the magic weapon,It may not cover the old ghost of the white horse。