The woman in the red skirt took the initiative to lower the price。

Even though she called the lowest price of eight thousand,But her bottom line is three thousand。
What’s that,I’m here for you,andTMWas hit,Three thousand is still worth it?
Zhao Dabao still doesn’t say anything,Shook his head again。
Facing Zhao Dabao’s silence,The woman in the red dress is terrible。Bargaining is afraid of meeting Zhao Dabao who is so silent,You don’t know what the other party’s idea is。
“Three thousand,Just three thousand,You order money now,old···,Oh,I leave immediately。”
The woman in the red dress is anxious,I almost told my old lady casually,Fortunately, she was able to hold back her reaction faster。
Through short‘Fight’,She also knows that the migrant worker opposite is a bit evil,Not as ordinary as the long one,But a bit two。
If you call yourself a mother in front of him,I’m not sure what will happen?
In case this wicked thing admits I’m the fuck,I can’t be mistaken for three thousand。
I heard that the other party has reduced the price to three thousand,Big star Toria can’t help it,Exhaled like blue in Zhao Dabao’s ear:
“Dabao,Three thousand is fine,We are not short of this money,Give it to her,The province is making trouble here。”
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty One One piece five
The problem is that soybean curd is a dollar,Why are you still making fifty cents?,What’s the situation?
How about Zhao Dabao’s ability to run sideways?,How hard is this,The woman in the Fengchen red dress was taken a bit wrong。
Okay,Red skirt women have stronger self-control,I just corrected myself and came back.: