Icy in the mouth,Warm sun in the stomach,Cool and warm,One ice and one hot,Temperature reversal,Feel difference,Almost makes the big beauty comfortable“moan”Bang。

Okay,When Toria’s mouth opened slightly,She held back。
Chapter Four Hundred and Seventy Four Also has beauty effect
But at this moment,Summer surprise“what”With a:
“cousin,Why is your face so moisturized、Glow?It seems like a different person。”
Heard the cousin’s words,The big beauty took out a small mirror and took a look,Feel different immediately。
The warmth of the whole body just now,Already makes Toria feel different。
I heard the surprise from my cousin,Close observation through the mirror,I also noticed another difference。
As a woman,Especially the first-line actresses in the show business,What is the most noticeable?
Of course it’s his appearance。
someone said,A female celebrity needs four hours to dress up before going out。
And the most important thing in dressing is your face。
so,Who knows the face of star Toria best,Not a broker,Not a fan,But herself。
Just think about it,As a female star,It may take more than eight hours of observation a day、Admire one’s face。If the face changes,She doesn’t know?
Someone jokingly said,The female star’s face is missing a hair,She might find out。
so,When the big beauty Toria sees her charming face in the small mirror,The first reaction is a lyrics——