The current situation is,The so-called arrest of prostitution is a complete break、It’s over。

People wear neatly、Lily,How do you characterize whoring@Prostitution?I won’t go up and take off this man’s pants, right?。
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Eight how to do?
Now there are a few people who are watching the fun and eating melon outside the door,male、female、old、There are few。
If this is the framing of picking up pants directly,The timing is wrong。
It’s no good to catch a prostitute,All that is left is a dingy retreat。Oh,correct,Maybe you have to pay someone else’s hotel room。
After all, the door was kicked open,The door lock is completely destroyed。
Wanda Hotel,A national chain enterprise group,But there are big people behind it,I can’t provoke such a small patrol leader。
As for the weird young man in front of you,The patrol leader didn’t care much。A young man,Ordinary dress,Average-looking,Normal temperament,Shouldn’t be a big shot。
It’s just a dingy retreat at this time,Too shameless。
suddenly,He feels someone is pulling himself Clothes,Turn around,Seeing Wu Weiguang winking。
Follow Wu Weiguang’s gaze,The patrol leader Qian opened his eyes and immediately understood what was going on.。
But seeing the patrol leader’s face turned serious:
“I said,my country《Prohibition of gambling》Clearly defined,Prohibit anyone from gathering crowds to gamble in public。Good three of you,Gambling in a hotel room。come ,Bring these three players back to the office,I want to further inquire。”
Hear here,Zhao Dabao finally spoke to the patrol leader:
“Yoha,The police officer,What’s that,Gamble?sure,The problem is to catch the thief、Catch the rape。it’s here,Do you have any evidence that I gathered a crowd to gamble?I just play poker simply。”