Zhao Dabao still has advantages、kind hearted,Especially in the face of being so beautiful、Glamorous beauty in white,He immediately realized his improper behavior。

Mouth,I want to correct it immediately。
At this moment,A mist of water with a hint of rouge and strong coffee aroma blows over your face。
Faced with this rushing water vapor,With Zhao Dabao’s deep cultivation base,Don’t talk about dodge,Just a little shock,There will never be the slightest mist。
But how did this kid do?
May be ashamed,Ashamed of the words of the person who just admitted wrong。
It may also be thinking,I thought of the mist from the mouth of the beauty in white in front of me,From her cherry mouth,Enter my blood basin again。
Oh,wrong,Not a big mouth,It’s the mouth of a gentleman Binbin,What a romantic thing this is。
Old saying cloud:Smile and stick out tongue,Sip and sip。
If I use my mouth like this,Is it also sweet?
When Zhao Dabao thought about it,,This stuff has become motionless,Like a clay sculpture wood carving,Unconsciously, the mouth opens slightly。
not bad,Although this guy is thinking,Behaved pretty well,Did not dare to crack the blood basin。
He also knows,If that’s the case,Maybe she was shocked by the beauty in white。Face beauty,Pretend to be‘Beast’Is not。
For such a beautiful beauty in front of me,Zhao Dabao didn’t want to be one from the beginning‘Beasts’People,His ideal is to be a pursuer‘Beast’。
Zhao Dabao’s ideal comes from a joke——
Before,There is a scholar who knows and falls in love with a young lady。
One day,They meet for a trip,Encountered heavy rain on the way,I went to an empty house to shelter from the rain,Stay till night。There is only one bed in the house,Although the two are happy,But not in the chaos。
Miss pity your son,So embarrassedly invited the son to stay together,But there is a pillow in the middle,Wrote a note,Shangyue:‘Crossover,Beasts!’
But I don’t know the scholar’s heart to follow the gentleman’s way,I really endured all night,Not in trouble。
The next morning,Miss wakes up,Sorrowful,Leave a note,Seven characters in the letter:‘You are not as good as animals。’