“Yes,This series of0,Not tens of millions,This kid is realTMRich。”

“One、Two、Three、Four,I rely on,You let it,I can’t see。by,Recheck。One、Two、Three、Four···”
Actually,Zhao Dabao doesn’t have much money in this Bank of Communications card,It’s just the previous three dollars, a quarter and a quarter,The impression left to everyone is too deep。
Everyone thought,This time the card is only ten yuan、Just a few figures of twenty yuan。
After the card is really drawn,An unexpected situation happened,So many emerged all at once0,And in so many0At the top is a1,This shows a lot of problems。
Shock,First is shock,From three dollars and five cents all at once、Jumped so much1+000000···,Can it be shocking??
With everyone’s surprised expression,Inaccurate words,The whole scene becomes strange and enthusiastic。
at last,When a melon-eater has checked the last number,——
one million,Xia Guobi one million!
When this one million comes from the mouth after checking the numbers,Everyone took a breath at the same time:
I rely on,One million,trueTMMany!
When this exclamation is issued,An idea suddenly flashed in the hearts of many home buyers and the staff of Star City:
one million,one million,It’s reallyTMof、trueTMof