This time is different,Not far from the Porsche, there are a dozen people with hairtail tattooed、Where’s the flea’s dark society brother?。

Under this dark threat,In this dangerous situation,This young man dared to make a move,What is this scenario?
Is this young man’s head amused?Stop spinning?
Can’t it,Although this young man looks ordinary,But it’s not like a mentally disabled person。In this situation knowing the terrorist consequences,Dare to make a move?What is his backing?
Not to mention,The minds of these melon-eating audiences are still pretty bright,Unexpectedly from an emergency,Analyze the facts that are not far from the truth。
Chapter One Hundred and Four Porsche woman was beaten to cry
And the third shot,Zhao Dabao has increased his strength a little,At the same time, I doubled and slapped twice。
This time the domineering sister was a little dizzy,Waited a full five seconds before rolling off the Porsche machine cover。
Rolled down this time,Tears filled the eyes of the Porsche woman,Those are tears of grievance,That are tears of disbelief,I also shed tears。
no way,With the powerful heart of the Porsche girl、Arrogant character,Can’t stand the slap in the face one after another。
From the first counterattack slap in the taxi driver,Plus Zhao Dabao’s four slaps three times,In a short time,Was slapped five times。Don’t talk about the domineering sister Li who looks like a charming girl,Dahua, the elder of her husband Xiaohe Street Police Station,Not necessarily able to withstand。
Get out of the Porsche machine cover,The arrogant sister stared at Zhao Dabao,Her mind is a little confused、Machine hanged。
“What is this scenario?Why am I slapped again。Forget the first three times,These two, two and five don’t know the strength of my domineering sister。Why now I show the power of the domineering sister,Also slapped,And was slapped twice。Is this young man a fool?Is it stunned??Still have some background that I don’t know?”
Things are really moving towards the last trend that Porsche women want to see,She clearly saw,The twelve brawny men who were originally reinforced,After I was pumped again,He was silent like a collective loss of voice,He lowered his head as if afraid,I dare not look in the direction of Porsche。
What the Porsche girl didn’t see was,The first time the twelve strong men arrived,The leader is the old nine of the top three figures in the underpass of Xiaohe Street。
I saw the appearance of the Porsche female Beatles on the field,Lao Jiu immediately knew that the domineering sister was beaten。