‘Which of the provincial and municipal leaders’ children are difficult to enroll??’This is the first feeling of Deputy Director Chen Kun。

After all, general bureau leaders come to Tianjin University,I still can’t enjoy the treatment of two security guards leading the way。
Only provincial and municipal leaders,And it has to be the main leader,Can get this kind of treatment。
It’s just that today I haven’t heard of any relatives of provincial and municipal leaders enrolling,If any,Can school leaders not arrange in advance?
Although I have doubts,Chen Kun, deputy director of the Department of Economics and Management, dare not care。
Light car simple、It’s not that there are no big leaders who visit WeChat privately,It’s not unheard of in this century-old campus of Tianjin University。
The most classic is,After the founding of Daxia,A state-level leader once visited Tianjin University in private for a hundred years,And which time has become a good story for Centennial Tianjin University。
Chapter Three Hundred and Four The man behind the box
Former ordinary young cadre of the security department,The clues were observed in the private visit of the leader’s microservice,So as to achieve good service、Warm and generous、Behave well、Courteous,Now he has been promoted to the vice-provincial school leader。
That ordinary security officer has a technical secondary school degree,And it’s a junior high school。
So-called junior high school,I passed the exam in junior high school,Junior high school candidates who have entered a secondary school。
A small secondary school,Ordinary security guards who haven’t even attended high school,Nengdu was promoted to the post of deputy provincial school leader,This shows what?
Thought of here,Deputy Director Chen Kun’s heart is fiery,Even with the eyes of looking at the huge camphor wood box,Also become hot。