Changing roles,Made this kid a little nervous,What to pretend?How to pretend?

And this kind of installation with a span,Made him a little confused,A little bit too brainy。In the end, this kid simply chose a random method,Where do you think,Where to install。
This is not,I’m a little addicted to pretending to be a leader today,As long as I see some senior、Middle level、Low-level or something,All show the smiles of national leaders。
It’s just that this kid’s smile looks like a god but not like a god,Not as kind as the national leader,It’s like a wolf with a big tail,How to see,How uncomfortable。
not bad,When this kid showed a leader-like smile,4sShop
Liu Jingui bowed his head respectfully and didn’t see it。
If I saw,May ands80The driver’s thoughts are exactly the same. I saw something that I shouldn’t have seen while eating!
Questions about Zhao Dabao,Liu Jingui respectfully、Direct answer:
“Mr. Zhao,My uncle is Liu Zhao。”
“Oh,You are Lao Liu’s nephew。”
Heard Liu Jingui’s answer,Zhao Dabao immediately understood,The one in front of me can be regarded as my own。
Since it is my own,There is no need to pretend to be a wolf with a big tail。
Oh,wrong,I’ve mispoken,I don’t have to look at each other kindly like a national leader。
Your own,It’s better to be casual。
When Zhao Dabao’s thoughts change,His smile has become normal,Everyone around me finally breathed a sigh of relief。
no way,Where is such a big living person as Zhao Dabao?,I don’t want to see it。