Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen Farmers in the Qinling Mountains
I heard the depths of the Qinling Mountains,Jiang Yazhou, the CEO of Zhouya Pharmaceutical Group in Huacheng, is even more interested.。
The planting base is deep in the Qinling Mountains,How clever was chosen for this position。
Xia Guo in the nineties,Due to the booming industry、Rapid development,Inevitably caused environmental pollution。
Especially in some areas where industries are relatively concentrated,Even acid rain。
And Sui、Two cities,Due to its location in a relatively remote province,Although industrialization has not yet reached a certain level,Environmental pollution has already begun to show up。
Xianghua Zhouya Pharmaceutical Group,It is based on traditional Chinese medicine preparations as the leading product,The source of the required materials is also mainly Chinese herbal medicine。
Since it is Chinese herbal medicine,If you want to get a high level、High-quality medicinal materials,The cultivated land is its most critical link。
Sui、The quality of land in the two cities is relatively、Or the coastal provinces are good。
But if compared with the sparsely populated Qinling Mountains,That’s much worse。
So the planting base is in the Qinling Mountains,Jiang Yazhou’s interest came up right away。