When Zuo Fei Hua Pu first retreated,Zhao Dabao’s left palm transformed into a pointed cone。In the surging palm wind,Jerked out,Like a snake,Like a mad dragon。Meteor swaying,Punched the white-haired dragon girl’s forehead。

This cone,Don’t talk about the white-haired dragon girl after being injured,Even in her heyday,It may not be accepted。
at this moment,Zuo Feihua knows,If this challenge is true,Even if I don’t fall,Serious injuries are inevitable。
In deep fear,The white-haired dragon girl shouted:
“I surrender!”
With this cry of admitting defeat,Zhao Dabao withdrew the attack without a trace。
Because the fight with the white-haired dragon girl is a contest、The meaning of gambling,So when the opponent concedes defeat,As usual。
Although Zuo Feihua is the first worship of the Tu family,But the cause of the grievances with Zhao Dabao came from the Tujia,So Zhao Dabao is not ready to kill the killer。
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Chapter Four Hundred and One Speak without proof
Seeing the white-haired dragon girl who gave up,The face of the Tujia family is really like a family name,Became earthy。