President Tu Feiyuan lowered his head and muttered,Give orders quickly:

“Shen Fei,Immediately organize personnel to block the headquarters gate,At the same time, we must organize corresponding defense vehicles to block Xu Dabao’s entry。”
“Great come,You call the family immediately,Notify the family to quickly assign expert support。Simultaneously,Order the special advisers within the group to prepare。This Xu Dabao is not good,Must not let him rush into the group headquarters。”
Tu Feiyuan, President of Tuyuan Real Estate Group, thinks thoroughly,Now that Xu Dabao dared to drive the car to flatten the Xingcheng City sales center,Then come to the group headquarters,Must have a destructive heart。
Group headquarters,It’s not just Tuyuan Real Estate Group,It represents the face of the Tu family。
Xingxingcheng sales center is destroyed,That is just a branch,Its importance is not big。
But the headquarters was hit by Xu Dabao again,Don’t say damaged,It’s just a mess,The Tu family’s face is not good。
Shen Fei, Minister of Security,Executive Vice President Tu Yuanlai,After hearing the order,Arrange related matters quickly downstairs。
Or say that a big group is a big group,Not much time,The response measures of Tuyuan Real Estate Group have taken shape。
Several large construction vehicles,Under the organization of Shen Fei,Parked side by side on both sides of the gate of the group headquarters,This is to guard against the opponent’s vehicle collision。
And behind the large construction vehicle,More than 20 strong men in security uniforms,A long pierced gun,A foot-long stainless steel spear gleams sharply。
Security Minister Shen Fei knew,This Xu Dabao is a practicer,Deep martial arts skills。This was in the IOU incident that happened the day before yesterday,Has fully reflected。
To avoid close combat,He ordered the group security to hold long steel guns,For long-range attacks。