But the result was surprising,I swallowed this wicked thing disgustingly。

Just this one action,Several gamblers just threw up。
no way,If it’s under normal conditions,These gamblers can’t vomit either。
It’s just that I’ve been gambling in the casino for days,Severe body overdraft,I met Zhao Dabao’s disgusting action again,Can’t vomit。
The current Fourth King Kong was also confused by Zhao Dabao,ThistmAre you super rich??
ThistmIs totally different、Huskies who like to eat shit!
Look at the proficiency of this kid swallowing,I didn’t do this kind of thing 100% less。
youtmCan’t you spit it out??I have to swallow it myself?
Swallow it,Don’t make such a big noise,I don’t want to see it,This tootmDisgusting!
Seeing everyone being trapped and disgusting,Zhao Dabao thought smugly with disapproval:
Hehe,Look at me,Just use a little trick、skill,alltmHave to be trapped、Dumbfounded。
Throw up,Are you vomiting?,Hehe,One more simple thing。
Zhao Dabao raised his head and said:
“That bald head is strong,what did you say?Hit the ground?no、no,Your little place is worthy of me?I’ve been idle these two days, it’s really boring,That’s why I came to your little place to relax,how?Don’t welcome me?”
Listening to Zhao Dabao’s bragging exaggeration,The fourth King Kong also took a breath。from the beginning till now,Whether this kid is super rich or not?