It’s just that this peculiar curiosity expresses too much,How embarrassed to be seen by outsider Meng。

As for Meng Hui,Seeing Zhao Dabao’s movements with a hint of joy,I also think it’s quite interesting。
This man is so funny,Don’t hide his behavior at all。
Meng Hui knows some little boys,Plus the vision of some old male teachers in the female dormitory——
I want to see but I am afraid that others will see,Sneaky,Ugh,Correct,Just like Xiaoying warned,Zhao Dabao’s action。
Be brazen about Zhao Dabao,To the back“Cautiously”,Meng Hui keenly noticed,Zhao Xiaoying is definitely not Zhao Dabao’s simple sister。
Although the surname is Zhao,But speak、They don’t look like siblings,It’s a bit like a couple。
I have to say that Meng Hui is sensitive,You can see the treasure from just a few small actions、Anomaly between Britain。
As for Zhao Dabao becoming“Cautiously”,It’s not in the eyes of others,But for Xiaoying“obedient”With respect。
It can be seen that,Zhao Dabao is still very interested,Even when you are proud,Don’t forget the feelings of loved ones。
So sensitive、considerate“strong”Chinese!
This is the evaluation of the school flower teacher of the Department of Economics and Management of Tianjin University。
There are seven floors in the female dormitory,According to university practice,Newly admitted freshmen usually live on the top floor of the dormitory。
As for why?There is no explicit stipulation,Has always been executed like this。