Who is Zhao Dabao??That’s a big shot,Crazy super huskies,As soon as I heard that,This guy slid the ladder and climbed up:

“what,It’s a big baby,Why are you here?”
This childish voice is obviously the kind of object that has just turned on the mind,I heard Zhao Dabao’s question,Tong Sheng replied very cooperatively:
“Dad,I am not either
Did you just start your mind??When your lavender spiritual crescent absorbs the supernatural powers of ghosts other than ghosts, it produces me。Dad,Don’t you know that the ghost outside the underworld is similar to the outside incarnation of the cultivation world??”
“Cough”,Zhao Dabao coughed with a guilty conscience:
“baby,Of course I know,Who is your dad,That’s a big man who cultivates the world’s most amazing skill,How can i not know?”
Proceed from reality,At this time, Zhao Dabao really doesn’t know how the avatar outside his body resembles the ghost outside the ghost.?What’s the connection?
But don’t know,I can’t say I don’t know,That’s so shameless。Especially now this boy claims to call himself his father,Then you can’t lose face and say you don’t know。
Talk about what Zhao Dabao thinks,I don’t know the child’s voice。Tong Sheng just knew that he was created by Zhao Dabao’s Spiritual Crescent and Spiritual Knowledge Sea,Naturally think that Zhao Dabao knows everything。
Tong Sheng said without thinking:
“Dad,Since your spiritual crescent has absorbed the two connected ghosts of the ghost beyond the ghost,You have the supernatural powers of ghosts outside of ghosts。
Just because you are a cultivator,Not a ghost,So it changes into spiritual powers beyond ghosts。
Oh,Dad,I’ve mispoken,It should be called the external embodiment of mental power now,I am that incarnation,Incarnation of mental power!”
Hear here,to be frank,Zhao Dabao hasn’t figured out why his mental power has become such a virtue?
But one thing he knows,This child’s voice is produced by his mental power,It means he created this childish voice,From this perspective,This boy claims that it is reasonable to call him his father。
Thought of here,Zhao Dabao pretended to ponder for a while,Oh,wrong,Not pretending,It’s the wording of this guy:
“Ok,baby,Take a look,now what,I can only hear your voice,People who can’t see you。You said,Dad gave birth to you,You have to let dad see what you look like?”
This sentence is out,Almost turned the child’s voice down:
“Dad,What are you talking about?What you gave birth to me?You are a woman,Will have children?”