Zhao Dabao himself thinks he is not a big hero,I never thought about being a hero again。He thinks,People will feel comfortable and happy all their lives,But this does not deny that he is a new Daxia**Silk Youth。

**wire,Originally pointed out that life is mediocre、The future is slim、Emotional emptiness,A class of people not recognized by society。They aspire to be highly recognized by society
,But don’t know what to do?
These people have no goals in daily life,Lack of enthusiasm,Dissatisfied with the boring life,But don’t know what to do。
**wire”By no means a rich second generation、Official second generation,Not even a career elite。
From age,“**wire”Mostly70After or80、90The new generation after entering society。
Compared to the previous generation,They are more independent,More personality,But opportunity and opportunity are more60Back difference。
all in all,“**wire”The word is essentially kidding oneself,Also kidding others。
But here is Zhao Dabao,he thinks**Silk should be like him,Pursue inwardly,But the goal pursued is not the mainstream of society。
For example, what is Zhao Dabao’s goal??
Not a national hero,Not for world peace,He just felt that he wanted to let the relatives of this generation、Friends have a good car to drive,Have a good life,Happy at home,Go out without being bullied,Be respected by others。
This is the basic requirement of Zhao Dabao,As for the lofty ideals——That is to pretend to be awesome for a lifetime,Especially in front of the rich。
If conditions permit,He still wants to go abroad to pretend,Pretend to be awesome,It’s best to bring your own country、Own nation、My family and friends are rampant on the earth pretending to be awesome。
This is Zhao Dabao’s ultimate ideal。
As for the future cultivation base breakthrough to innate qi training,Things after the Shattered Void,I haven’t thought about this。
Not forgotten,Zhao Dabao, this kid is aiming to cultivate to innate qi training,I also want to have the super power of Shattered Void。
but,This guy didn’t expect to break into the void and run to another cultivation world.。