For the vision that came over,Zhao Dabao turned his eyes,One look passed,meaning is——Do not worry,Definitely not more。

Zhao Dabao,The cultivator who passed the celestial star,Regarding the practice partner,Of course uphold the rules of the original planet。
As for the rules of the earthly world,Can you restrain Zhao Dabao??
the answer is negative。
Of course,Now that I’m on Earth,Some customs he will also consider。
but,Meet one you like,And when the other person likes himself,Then why don’t you act according to your nature??
Moreover,Based on your own cultivation、ability,And status,Is it necessary to consider the constraints of the secular world??
At this point,Whether it is Zhao Dabao,Or ordinary rich people,Their views are consistent。
A lot of people,When they are underdeveloped, they always end up。
But once it develops,From one end to the end becomes from several ends。
It’s not that this person’s character has changed,Character is still the original character,Only your wealth is transformed。
Men’s in the past,Because of no money,At least no one can support two women’s money,That’s why。
Once rich,Developed,Money is no longer a problem,Then take a look,There are a few that can be done consistently?