Wriggled his lips slightly,Wu Weiguang lowered his voice and asked:

“Bao Ye,Can this kind of name match??”
Although Wu Weiguang consciously lowered his voice,But there are so many ghosts around,I see this at a critical time,Can you keep watching?
If anyone dares to put forward suggestions to stop watching,Everyone who eats melons can beat him out,It can be seen that,How high is everyone watching the trouble?。
Everyone saw Wu Weiguang lowered his voice,The onlookers immediately erected both ears,Listening attentively like a big white rabbit。
Zhao Dabao“Ha ha”Yi Ledao:
“Deputy Manager Wu,The world has its roots、Come and go,Whatever happens, there is result,There is a problem,This is yang balance、Energy Conversion Avenue,so,Of course it can be cracked。”
Zhao Dabao is too damaged,I’m still not satisfied to fool Wu Weiguang,also“Mention baldness”Said a series of mysterious and mysterious heaven and earth avenues,Wu Weiguang is completely lame。
“Bao Ye,Then please tell me,How to crack?”
“Ok,Deputy Manager Wu,You really want to know how to crack?”
I heard Zhao Dabao’s question,Wu Weiguang’s little chicken nodded vigorously,nonsense,I know that the names are different,I also know the vast and promising future that affects me,I’m not asking how to crack?
Zhao Dabao narrowed his eyes,A slightly mysterious smile:
“Buddha said:Six ears;Again:Not pass lightly,Not to be taken lightly。Deputy Manager Wu,You know what it means?”
As soon as this said,The audience around you understand,Also confused。
For example, the strong man who was the contractor of the contracting project asked Armani dazedly:
“Lao Zhang,What is this kid talking about??What is not to be taught,Not pass lightly,Not to be taken lightly,Thistm
What’s the meaning of?Who is Liu Er,Is it six ears??I know six ears,Isn’t that six-eared macaque?Is it because the Buddha said that six-eared macaques were not allowed to listen。”
The brawny finished,I feel good about myself and looked around,He thinks he understands pretty well,TV series are really not in vain,After all, I still know six-eared macaques。
Armani is not much better than a contractor and a strong man,Answered with a dizzy head: