Take Zhao Dabao’s Nine Ranks profound arts,Don’t say you’re an elementary ghost of Mingjin,It’s a dark ghost,I can’t detect Zhao Dabao’s true cultivation base。

Probe and probe,Check and check,Yes, this old-faced child is Ming Jin’s primary cultivation base。
Although the old ghost of the white horse is still whispering inside,But there is no good way,Must be forced to rush up like Liangshan,Take back your own secret room,Take back your own resources。
Moreover,Find the place this time,Not a ghost,It has a killer。
Thought of here,The old ghost of the white horse floated past boldly,Like a plume of black smoke wandering in the space of a secret room。
At this time, Zhao Dabao has already selected the medicinal materials in the secret room、The treasures are almost selected,Some of the rest,If it’s not for the yellow and white things that are not easily damaged,Or the value is relatively low。
It’s just that these relatively low-value items,100% precious anomaly in the secular world。
After this successful robbery,Zhao Dabao’s vision has improved a lot,Ordinary medicinal materials can no longer enter his eyes。
Seeing the old ghost of the white horse floating in black smoke,Zhao Dabao looked nervously at the centuries-old ghost who was gradually solidifying.。
Zhao Dabao in front,After the flowers,Zhang San、Li Sicheng stood guarding around。
Seeing that the secret room has lost most of its resources,The old ghost of the white horse trembled distressedly。
These resources are its lifetime savings,Some rare medicinal materials,I’m not even willing to take it。Always thinking about finding a clever alchemist in the future,To refine some pills that can help them improve their cultivation。
Good now,Haven’t waited for alchemy,I told this old-faced child to give it to a nest。