“You said。”

“Is Ms. Saori still alive??”Tang Ze asked a little nervously。
“Still alive。”
Shimabukuro Junhui nodded and said:“I can get it for her「Dugong Arrow」As an excuse,Let her hide in the warehouse,Ready to let her at the end,Die in my place,As you reasoned,after all…
“Even if you plan to burn the body,You are also afraid of clues being detected by forensic doctors, right。”Tang Ze echoed with a smile,I also breathed a sigh of relief。
After all, if Shimabukuro really kills Saori first,Then he can only be arrested。
Fortunately, the other party is going to use Saori, the goalkeeper as a substitute,Choosing to kill Saori without a few days in advance。
But this is also normal,After all, he planned such a thorough murder plan,Pay careful attention to all details,And precisely because of this,That gave Tang Ze a chance to stop the tragedy。
“Yes。”Heard what Tang Ze said,Shimabukuro also seems to have let go of his grudge,Nodded in agreement:“After all, I am not a person with professional knowledge,But these simple knowledge,I still know。
If someone finds the body after burning it, it died a few days ago,Then I still show up on the day of the festival,Naturally pierced my suspended animation plan,So I did it just to be safe。
After the fire happened three years ago,The people on the island are actually very careful to prevent fires,When I cannot guarantee that the body is completely burned to bone,I naturally try to make the dead time of the body,Close to the time i disappear。”
Speaking of which,Shimabukuro’s complex expression:“But I didn’t expect to meet you,Before i act,It took such a short time to understand everything,Just stand in front of me like this,What a scary man。”
“thank you,But this is your luck, isn’t it?”