A tropical greenery is arranged in the middle of the hall,Covers an area of nearly 500 square meters。Among the green plants, there is a small curved bridge passing over a small artificial lake of more than 200 square meters.,Hundreds of golden koi in the small lake are swimming happily。

And there are more than a dozen green parrots on some tall green plants,Keep tweeting as people walk,It adds a little breath of life to the originally green imperial hall。
The green plants extend westward to a beautiful Hangzhou silk screen。
Behind the screen is a cara with an area of more than 200 square metersOKfacility,Smooth lines in a circle、The noble and atmospheric brown-red sofa surrounds the three parties,The other is a super large rear projection TV。
The entire imperial hall is furnished and catering、Leisure、Play as one,Worthy of being the most high-end banquet hall in Sui City。
Zhao Dabao、Qin Yuanzheng and the eight people sitting around the dining table。
Of course,Zhao Dabao was pushed to the main position by the respectable respect,Zhao Min’s mother and daughter are on his right,On the left is the Qin family。As for Wu Da asking to sit next to the serving position,Said it is good and convenient service nearby。
In the imperial hall today,None of the original service staff,It’s served by Jiao Jiao, the general manager of Haocai Restaurant。
General Manager Jiao Jiao is also very clear,I said everyone who came to Haocai for dinner today are all distinguished guests,It should be served by the best waiter in Haocai Restaurant。
And as the general manager of Haocai Restaurant,Her service etiquette is the best,Because she taught the whole restaurant staff、Assessed。
Everyone laughed in Jiaojiao’s true and false jokes,Everyone knows this little abacus of the general manager of Haocai Restaurant,Since she insists on doing this,Just follow her。
Everyone here knows,The appearance of important figures in the Qin family is one aspect,The most important thing is:Master Zhao Dabao, who is so respected by the Qin family, appeared。
Before ordering,Wu Da stood up,I carefully observed Zhao Dabao’s expression,Looking at Master Zhao’s facial expressions, it’s very relaxing、happy,So he cleared his throat and said:
“Ok,Master Zhao,I want to say a few words,Do you think?”