But in the previous test,This black dagger,In addition to being extremely light,Is not sharp。

Chapter Thirty dagger
With doubts,Zhao Dabao gently drew a dagger,I want to pull it out and study it carefully。Surprise happened again,With the sharpness of the dagger that Zhao Dabao just witnessed,I thought it was just as easy to pull out and penetrate。
Imagination is simple,Facts are complicated,The original easy pullout did not happen,The dagger is still stuck in the bluestone,Like a part of bluestone。
In this case,Zhao Dabao couldn’t help but increase his strength。However, as the power increases,The dagger seems to have taken root in the bluestone、Settled home,Not moving。
Zhao Dabao looked at the motionless dagger in distress,I can’t help but scratch my head。This dagger is so easy to stick,How difficult it is to pull,I don’t want to break the bluestone and take out the dagger.?
suddenly,Zhao Dabao remembered a detail,This jet black dagger was pierced into the bluestone with a trace of internal strength for nine turns.,It’s impossible.?
Think and do is Zhao Dabao’s style,Nine turns of inner strength is like a stream,Gently pour into the dagger。
In the moment of injecting the inner strength of the nine revolution,Zhao Dabao felt the excitement of the jet black dagger in a trance。
The dagger at this time seems to be given life,Make a faint, clear scream。Like a white crane,Sing slightly to the sky in the dark dawn。
A faint strange feeling in my heart,Zhao Dabao used his wrist slightly,The jet black dagger was easily pulled out。
Facing the faint moonlight,Zhao Dabao’s eyes were deeply attracted by the jet black dagger filled with nine turns of inner strength。
The dagger at this time changed from the previous dull thickness、sluggish,Become unusually sharp、Smart。
Black paint、Sen Leng’s Dagger,sharp、Ling Li’s Edge。Gently waving,The entire dagger body is constantly dazzling with the nine turns of inner strength、Flash,What a jet-black dagger?It’s a sharp blade of death、Devil’s claw。
Black beating,The cold flash,Two ancient seal scripts appear on the handle of the dagger——Black sun。
See this“Black sun”Two words,In an instant,Zhao Dabao seemed to be stunned by a shocking thunderbolt。
Ancient Warrior——Black sun,This is a legendary weapon in his original practice world,How come on earth?
It is said that in ancient times,An outer space meteorite fell in the Kunlun Mountains of the celestial star,Obtained by the top cultivator at the time, the Dark Lord。
The Black Demon spent ninety-nine-eighty-one days of refining,A fist-sized black gold meteorite was extracted from this huge meteorite。