Since the Porsche female hairpin,Travel in and out of luxury cars,Eating and drinking are all luxurious,The whole body is even more famous。It is said that the price of one of her bags is as high as hundreds of thousands,It’s already more than the total income of an ordinary family in Xia Country for a year。

Since the explosion of assets,The temperament of Porsche women also exploded。
According to the old neighbor,Although the original Porsche girl has a bad temper,But relatively convergent,Basically able to get along with neighbors around。
And after the explosion of assets,Porsche women’s temper is getting better,Get into a fight with neighbors at every turn。
The early conflicts with neighbors were just cursing,Later it developed to hands-on、Hit someone、fan
In the six months before moving away from ordinary houses,Porsche girl beats neighbors invincible,Up to 70 years old,Children down to seven,Just mess with her,Or she provokes others,No second words,Slap your hands directly。
There was an old grandfather who was nearly 70 years old,I don’t know how to provoke her,Six slapped in the face by a Porsche girl,After playing,The Porsche girl also shamelessly called herself Liuliu Dashun。
Some TV media went directly to the town where the Porsche girl was born.,It was accidentally discovered that the Porsche girl’s mother was alive。
It’s just this old lady who is nearly 70 years old,Living in a room leaking air everywhere,In a soil house with rusty railings。
Look in from the door,Paper shells full of yard、Canned bottle,Some are picked up from outside,Rubbish that can sell for some money。
I found out by visiting the residents next to the Porsche mother,The old mother of the Porsche woman makes a living by picking up garbage and selling some money。
When asked if the grandmother who picked up the garbage has children?The residents around are ignorant。
According to surrounding residents,This old lady who made a living by picking up tatters,When you are in good health,To clean up some wealthy people in the town,Which is what the society calls housekeeping service staff。
The old woman’s life was fair,Although it’s not as good as ordinary people,Sufficient enough to support themselves。
And since the old lady was 60 years old,Something wrong with the body,I can’t clean other people’s homes to make money,You can only earn a living by picking up bits of tatters for money。
But this little income can’t solve the food and clothing problem at all,Fortunately, there are street offices to help solve problems,Applied for the minimum living allowance for the old lady,Only then can we spend the rest of my life。
And as the neighbor of the old woman,Although they are ordinary people,But kind hearted,Every family is making some meat,From time to time I will give some to the old lady。
that’s it,In the government、With the help of neighbors,The old lady was able to live till now。
When the TV media interviewed the old lady,When asked about children,The old woman didn’t say a word but wept silently。