Follow the master,Delicious and spicy;

Follow the master,The future is bright!
Thought of here,Zhang San、Li Si also gave full play to his imagination,Not much effort,The whole sneak attack plan has been released。
Looking at three ghosts,How to attack and sap in total,Zhao Dabao nodded with a sense of accomplishment。
Ugh,There are talents from generation to generation,I just touched,Huahua these three people,Oh,The three ghosts will open up。
What is this called,Three heads beat Zhuge Liang;
As for these three
Little ghost plus ghost,Wolong must be reborn too。
Ok,wrong,wrong,I have to say the three little ghosts plus the ghost,Beat Zhuge Ghost。
Haha,Haha,It’s really teachable,Ruzi can teach!
When Zhao Dabao imagined the happiness of teaching and educating ghosts,The three ghosts of Huahua have already made a sneak attack plan。
Looking at Huahua with an excited expression of wanting to report,Zhao Dabao waved his small hand(Can’t help but,Zhao Dabao is still an old-faced child):
“Hua Hua,You can make it if you add up to the three,No need to report to me。I just look at the result,Not looking at the process。Even if there is an accident during implementation, no problem,And dad, I will be your strong backing。Just let go of your arms,Remember a sentence,Just be bold and careful to attack,Dare to change the sun and the moon into a new sky。”